Here at Flex Fitness, we provide no nonsense nutritional advice that normal people can actually stick to, to fuel your health and fitness journey with optimal efficiency. We want you to teach you how to work smart, not hard (most of the time) so you can have your cake, and eat it too (literally).

2022 Summer cut

I’m Chris, an Environmental Scientist by trade – having spent the last 15 years ‘working out’ in some form, while maintaining a busy professional life, I’ve honed my craft in the fitness business through necessity. Way back yonder, I burnt myself out partying and living the ‘good’ life, and it didn’t take long for my metabolism and health to catch up with me! Ever hungry for knowledge (and an easier life!) I’ve been on a constant journey of self-improvement and self-education, to demystify health and fitness, and to make it fit into hectic modern lifestyles.

I finally took the plunge and qualified as a personal trainer in 2021 and continue to study and develop methods for functional fitness, fuelled by clever nutritional hacks, to help me work smart, not hard (most of the time!). Flex aims to share the best of it with you to cut through the noise and develop personalised systems that give you the best bang for your buck and achieve your health and fitness goals as efficiently as possible.

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